National Indian Boarding School Digital Archive


The National Indian Boarding School Digital Archive (NIBSDA) was conceptualized to serve as a national digital platform and digital repository for boarding school archival collections throughout the United States.

As part of truth-telling, access to boarding school records for survivors and descendants is paramount to understanding this history and its consequences on Tribal Nations.

Through cultivating historical insights, NIBSDA supports community-led healing initiatives throughout American Indian and Alaska Native Nations towards restored Indigenous cultural sovereignty.

⚠ In negotiating these pursuits, you may encounter content that can trigger secondary trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); we encourage individuals to prepare themselves prior to engaging with these collections and to seek counseling or healing if you experience any stress related to boarding school history.  

Indigenous peoples are warned that NIBSDA may lead to other external resources that contain images, names, and references to deceased persons. For more information, please see Content Warning. ⚠


NIBSDA includes Digital Archival Collections related to the U.S. Indian Boarding School Era




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